We're thrilled to host our next SF installment of Goods x Services. This Wednesday evening, we'll have a diverse group of talented folks coming together for an evening of conversations and collaborative exchange. We've compiled a list of profiles of everyone who will be participating in this upcoming event to familiarize you with the faces you'll be meeting. The hope is that you'll take the time to look through each person's profile and start thinking about how you might trade, collaborate, and/or support one another's current or future projects. Wednesday evening will pass by quickly so it's nice to take a bit in now. >> Participant Profiles

Credit: Vivian Chen

Credit: Vivian Chen


Goods x Services // SF Installment No. 6

Date: Wednesday, May 25

Time: 7:00 - 9:30 PM

Location: Proefspace

Address: 299 Guerrero St, The Mission, San Francisco


Please plan to arrive on time. We'll get started shortly after 7:00 pm and we need everyone present to get going. The event is casual but structured and it is rather essential to have everyone there for the entire duration. If you'll be running a little late or if you have to check out a bit early please let us know asap so that we can accommodate and plan accordingly.

Credit: Vivian Chen

Credit: Vivian Chen

What to Expect | To cultivate a community around collaboration and to help people find the right partnerships, the gathering focuses on getting to know one another. Expect to meet everyone. You'll have the opportunity to chat with every other participant individually and connect with those you'd like to continue conversations with after the evening. 

What to Bring | We've got everything covered, so just bring yourselves. But if you feel the need to bring something, bring a pen and a bottle of wine or something fizzy that you can share with the group.

Food & Drinks | We'll have a spread of small bites and selection of drinks, enough to keep you happy and content. 

Get in touch if you have any questions! Really looking forward to seeing everyone come together on Wednesday!